Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Reading Notes Part A, The Sandy Road

The Sandy Road , Ellen C Babbit

Merchant is going on a journey

He and his men stop and camp

They start to journey across the desert

On the last night they threw away their water bc they thought they would be there soon

The oxen took them the wrong way

The merchant goes to look for water for his men and for the oxen

He finds grass and thinks there must be water near

They dig but hit a rock

A man smashes the rock and water floods the well

The men and Oxen are saved

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Extra Credit Reading Notes, Week 11 The Otter and the Wolf

 The Otters and the Wolf, Ellen C. Babbit

A wolf wants to eat fish

Otters are catching fish

The otters cant decide how to split up the fish

They ask the wolf to do it for them

The Wolf splits it into 3 pieces

He takes the middle and best piece for himself and runs


Thursday, April 8, 2021

Week 11 Story, The Hippo and the Bird


    A hippo waded in the water at a waterhole in the African wilderness. The hippos name was George he was a young teenager insanely bored with life in his ecosystem. He would sit and watch the birds. Overtime George became jealous of the birds, and the way they flitted and floated above the trees. George wanted to feel weightless and fly above the tree line, but he was bound by his weight to the ground and bound by his family to this specific watering hole.

    Eventually George's jealously got the best of him and he wanted to punish the birds for their freedom. He began to devise a plan to catch a bird and kill him. 

George called to the Bird "Hey tommy come here." 

Tommy flew to George and circled around his head.

George started "Tommy have you ever wanted to now what its like to swim under the water?"

"Well no I've never really thought about it. This watering hole seems so small compared to the giant sky."

George immediately became irritated and defensive. "Well its actually really cool its full of all kinds of fish and other animals you've never met before."

Tommy's face showed that he was trying to process that there was this whole underwater world he wasn't familiar with.

"Yeah  actually George I would like that!" exclaimed Tommy.

"Perfect" George said with a smirk. "All you have to do is hop inside my mouth and I'll take you for a spin."

George opened his mouth wide revealing a mouth full of very big teeth. It made Tommy kind of nervous just looking at them but he went ahead and sat on George's tongue. To George's surprise he started to feel regret. He had never had a true friend at the watering hole. All the other animals were scared of his massive jaws. So he was careful when he took Tommy underwater to not crush him. When he came back up Tommy stayed sitting on his tongue. They carried on their strange friendship for many years.

This story is based on Ellen C Babbit's, "The Monkey and the Crocodile" Jakata Tales: The Monkey and the Crocodile. I went for a happier ending because I am a romcom regular. The Hippo in this story is the parallel for the crocodile and the bird is a parallel for the monkey. Instead of the bird outsmarting the hippo like what happens in the regular story he trusts him. I think this a great life lesson to because sometimes when we open up and allow ourselves to be vulnerable like Tommy was we can make great friends. Added Inspiration was the codependent relationship hippos and birds have in real life.

Hippo With Bird

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Week 11, Reading Part B

 Jakata Tales: The Wise Elephant and the Foolish Merchant Ellen C. Babbitt

There is a foolish merchant and a thrifty merchant

they decide they shouldn't leave at the same time

The foolish merchant goes first

A demon sees the foolish merchant and wants to control him so he turns himself into a noble gentleman

The demon tricked the foolish merchant into emptying all his water jars

The wise merchant cam through a month and a half later.

He knew the gentlemen was a demon because he didnt cast a shadow

He got to the next town and made bank.    Shadow

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Week 11, Reading Part A

 Jakata Tales: The Monkey and the Crocodile Ellen C. Babbit

monkey lives on a tree by the river bank

all the crocodiles watch him

A little crocodile wants to eat the monkey

The crocodile offers to take the monkey across the river on his back

The crocodile reveals that his mother wants to eat the monkeys heart

The monkey tricks the crocodile by telling him he left his heart at the tree

the crocodile take the monkey back to get his heart

Part 2

The monkey moved to a new tree but the crocodile found him

The monkey hops over the river bank on a rock and the crocodile has been waiting for him

The crocodile reveals his plan again

The monkey tells him to open his mouth wide

The monkey jumped on top of his snout and got away

The crocodile says he will now leave the monkey alone and the monkey says he doesn't believe him

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Week 8 progress

 1) I'm okay with my progress so far, I am not thrilled with it by any means. At the beginning of the semester I was worried I would have to drop this class because I was having such a hard time getting things done but lately I have been doing a much better job completing assignments. I am using some of the extra credit assignments, but I should probably do a few more. I feel like my blog is pretty well developed but my website could use some work.

2) For the second half of the semester I would really like to do enough extra credit and complete enough assignments to have an A in the class.

I'm graduating

Week 8 comments and feedback

 Overall I think all of the feedback I have received has been helpful and well done. I can be not the best about taking corrective criticism but I have not had that problem in this class.

I like giving feedback more than I like receiving it.  That is probably my oldest sister complex and enneagram 8 in its best form. I try to say more positive things than negative in all of my comments because I learned in my freshman psych class that in successful relationships a person usually sayd 5 positive things for every 1 negative.

I do feel like the way blogging is set up in this class has allowed for more camaraderie than other online classes I have been a part of. I have actually been pleasantly surprised that I have a few friends I did not realize were also taking the course through blog comments and commenting on their blogs.

I want to change some of my introduction I feel like it is quite choppy and doesn't represent my true self to the extent it could.

I chose this cat because sometimes I need to keep in mind that it is better to at least get an assignment done even if its not perfect.

Reading Notes Part A, The Sandy Road

The Sandy Road  , Ellen C Babbit Merchant is going on a journey He and his men stop and camp They start to journey across the desert On the ...